Living history for kids: watching a toy hot air balloon launch

Toy Hot Air Balloon Launch

Old Sturbridge Village is one of my all-time favorite places to take the kids, so we made sure to visit twice (you can come back a second time within ten days) while we were in Massachusetts last month. The kids and I met up with a friend of mine from high school one day, and […]

Setting goals for August 2015

Setting Goals for August 2015

July was a beautiful month to celebrate summer in our house! We celebrated my birthday by visiting tide pools, enjoyed a visit from my sister who lives in China, and then flew out to Massachusetts to visit another sister and old friends while Mike worked at his old job. Then we hosted my nephew and […]

math books for kids

Math Books Kids Will Love

One of the easiest ways to raise kids who love math is to have great math resources at home. I shared some of our favorite math games earlier this week, and today I am writing about math books for kids that we love! These are books that kids will enjoy picking up and looking through, […]

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Learning Laboratory: Imaginary games

Imaginary games are my all-time favorite childhood pastime, but they are nearly impossible to capture on film. For example, I’ll try to capture Lily pretending to be an airplane, and all I get is this: Most of the time I don’t even try, because sometimes I pull out my camera and destroy the magic of […]


  Spending the first nearly-seven years of my life on a farm taught me many important lessons, but it didn’t make me an expert gardener. So far the plants that do grow (tomatoes a couple years ago, and one beautiful ripe blueberry this year) get eaten by the wildlife that spend so much time in […]

Favorite Read-aloud books and tips for reading out loud to your kids.

Read-Aloud Books Your Kids Will LOVE

Did you know that today is World Read Aloud Day? I thought it would be fun to celebrate with some of our favorite read-aloud books – particularly some you may not have heard of – as well as some tips for reading longer chapter books together. Great Picture Books to Read Aloud Press Here is […]

Choosing Home: On Staying Home, Raising Children, and Changing the World. A collection of essays from mothers who left careers to stay home.

On Staying Home, Raising Children, and Changing the World

Nine years ago, I finished my Ph.D. I was a bright-eyed 26-year-old with the world at my feet, and many were surprised (some offended) when I chose raising children over a career. I was throwing away my future and wasting opportunities. I had done a great job of balancing a difficult pregnancy and a colicky […]

Scrabble is a game that kids can enjoy long before they are old enough to play by the proper rules. Check out fun ways to adapt Scrabble for younger kids!

Scrabble for Younger Kids

  There are few board games that my kids enjoy long before they learn how to play using the proper rules, and Scrabble is one of them! The great thing about games like this is that they grow with your child – and they tend to remain interesting throughout adulthood, since the rules change as […]

Drama helps kids develop empathy, focus, self-expression, and teamwork through safe risk taking. Learn all about these five reasons drama is great for kids!

Five Reasons Drama is Great for Kids

One of the things I really love about my kids’ current school is the after school drama program. It’s a very low-key program that my kids love, and I see so many benefits! Five Reasons Drama is Great for Kids Self-expression A couple of my kids struggle with speaking loudly, and there is a reason […]


After School Fun for Kids: Classic Childhood Games

My kids have spent most of their free time this past week playing classic childhood games – tag, hide and go seek, digging in the sandbox, pretending they are at the beach by running around a local beach volleyball pit we like to visit when no adults are playing, and making all sorts of interesting […]


Feeding Kids Healthy Foods: Chia Seeds

My sister Catherine (also the creator of cute Easter egg bunnies) introduced me to Chia seeds (affiliate link), and I have really enjoyed playing with this newly-popular superfood! My favorite thing to do with them is to combine them with juice, just like you find in the Mamma Chia squeeze packs (or bottles – it’s […]