Doodle Crate Review

Kiwi Crate Crafting Fun + Doodle Crate Review!

Eight-year-old Emma still talks about the Kiwi Crate we reviewed last year, so she was very excited when I told her we would be reviewing one of their new Doodle Crates – creative kits designed for kids aged 9-16! She was thrilled to find two canvas bags, high-quality tulip brand fabric paints, yarn, and instructions […]

top-rated charities

Make a Difference This Holiday Season: Top-Rated Charities

I love to focus the end of my year on giving, and so I thought it would be nice to write about some top-rated charities that get great reviews on Charity Watch that I think are worth donating to this holiday season! I tried to pick charities that do really interesting, useful, and necessary things, […]

after school learning and fun

After School Learning and Fun for Kids!

I had a fun sewing project for kids planned for today, but that will post on another day because, although I have pictures, I spent my weekend enjoying having my parents in town instead of writing up a tutorial. They are on a grand retirement tour of children and grandchildren, so we only get to […]

preschool game day

Learning Laboratory: Preschool Game Day!

My son’s preschool is excellent, and their annual game day is always a highlight of the year! Emma and Lily got to come along to watch – and participate, in most of the activities. The hula hoop “basketball” setup was a favorite with both Emma and Johnny (Lily was velcro-ed to me at this point, […]

storytelling with felt boards

Storytelling with Felt Boards: Felt Board Hoop

I love felt boards! Storytelling with felt boards helps kids develop their imagination and encourages them to think outside of the box. My first ever blog post was a felt board tutorial – we enjoyed that board until we left Massachusetts, when I decided to leave it behind. In between, I wrote about two travel […]


Toddlers and Preschoolers: Learn by Painting

This week, 20-month-old Anna painted for the first time. My other kids all started to paint at younger ages, but this past year has been very busy with getting our house ready to sell, selling the house, packing, driving across the country, unpacking (on my own with four kids, since Mike was still in Massachusetts), […]


Children Need Free Time

As parents, it is easy to worry about providing children with resources, but free time is the best possible resource you can provide for your child – and it is free! Children need free time to explore their world, develop ideas, and understand things that they observe. Giving kids free time is a wonderful way […]


Easy to Sew Messenger Bag Sewing Tutorial

Sometimes I use my blog to motivate me to try something I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t actually gotten to. This easy-to-sew messenger bag is exactly one of those instances! Jo-Ann sent me two yards of Waverly fabric to make something with to help spread the word about the Jo-Ann and Waverly Facebook contest!  […]


Denise Fleming Book Activities

Denise Fleming is April’s author of the month for the Virtual Book Club for Kids, and the kids and I really enjoyed reading several of her books together! Here are three of our favorite Denise Fleming books, with activities to go with them! Links in this post are affiliate links – purchasing anything through these […]


Family Time: After Dinner Walks

Now that daylight savings time has extended daylight hours into the evening, we’ve been taking the kids on walks after dinner. It was something we did occasionally before – with flashlights – but it’s nice to have the daylight to see where we are going and since it allows more flexibility in terms of where […]