setting goals September 2014

Setting Monthly Goals: September 2014

August was a busy month, and somehow it is already time to set goals for September! My three “big” kids started kindergarten, first grade, and third grade in August – thankfully all at the same school after going to three different schools last year. Lily LOVES kindergarten, and was thrilled to be assigned to her […]

Bucket list budgeting: Tips for saving money to make your dreams become reality!

Bucket List Budgeting: Save to Make Dreams Reality

What is on your bucket list? Is there one particular item on that list that you can identify that you would love to make a reality, but just can’t afford? Today I’m talking about bucket list budgeting, and how you can save to make dreams reality! I am a big fan of specific, attainable goals, […]

Visiting a Cambodian Water Village

Visiting a Cambodian Water Village

This is the second of two posts about Cambodia from my sister Rebecca (click here to read about her visit to Angkor National Park). Rebecca dreamed of being a photographer for National Geographic as a kid, and while she works as a teacher in China and chases after her energetic multilingual son instead, her photos […]


Feeding Kids Healthy Foods: Chia Seeds

My sister Catherine (also the creator of cute Easter egg bunnies) introduced me to Chia seeds (affiliate link), and I have really enjoyed playing with this newly-popular superfood! My favorite thing to do with them is to combine them with juice, just like you find in the Mamma Chia squeeze packs (or bottles – it’s […]

iodine starch experiment

Iodine and Starches: Learning Laboratory

The kids really enjoyed this simple experiment of using iodine to identify starch. I got to thinking about iodine after writing last week’s water post, because I remembered using iodine tablets to purify water when I went hiking on the Inca trail as a thirteen-year-old. It’s hard to visually explain that experiment, but the starch […]

How to cope with sleep deprivation

Parenting: 20 Ways to Cope With Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is one area of parenting where I have a lot of experience. Nobody would call my kids “good” sleepers, and having three in under three and a half years probably doesn’t help. Advice for dealing with sleep deprivation is probably my most-asked-in-real-life question – mainly because everybody knows my kids don’t sleep! I […]


Play Dough Fun for All Ages

Play dough is one of my favorite mixed age group activities – a wonderful artistic medium that is fun for all ages! I have a fool-proof play dough recipe that I make in bulk, in several colors, so that there is plenty for my four kids and any friends who come over. We have a […]


Nurturing Creativity: Time, Space, and Respect

I have discovered three key ingredients for nurturing creativity – in children and adults. To be creative, we all need time, space, and respect. Last year I bought these wooden bird houses for my kids to turn into doll houses. My kids enjoyed the activity, but they kept their houses very simple. Lily actually refused […]


Star Wars Bedtime Stories

Today you will hear from Mike (Dada to the kids) about telling Star Wars bedtime stories. May the Fourth be with you! Note: this post contains affiliate links. Star Wars Bedtime Stories, by Mike Over the past 18 months, I’ve told the kids 400+ Star Wars bedtime stories. The stories are not meant to fit […]

candy experiments

Fun Science: Candy Experiments

Easter typically involves candy, and we got some science experiment mileage out of it by seeing what we could do with our candy other  than eat it! First, we microwaved jelly beans and gummy bears. The jelly beans (above) developed an interesting stringy texture (photo above), while the gummy bears melted quickly into a shapeless, […]