toy shopping at UncommonGoods

UncommonGoods: Great Gifts for Kids and Adults

Have you heard of UncommonGoods? This socially conscious retailer specializes in creative and unique gifts, and I was lucky enough to be offered a budget to give shopping on their site a try! UncommonGoods is a B Corporation retailer, which means that they have to pay good wages, give back to their community, and reduce […]

family fun in raleigh-durham

World Culture for Kids: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina

I’m thrilled to bring my World Culture for Kids series back with today’s post about Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina, written by Sarah of Parents Who! Sarah and her husband Chris just launched a brand-new resource for families called Imagining Aloud.  Imagining Aloud is a subscription service of high-quality, all-original, entertaining audio stories for children and families […]

Energy Saving Hacks: save money and help the environment

Energy Saving Hacks: Tips, Tricks, and DIY Solutions

I’m a big fan of energy efficiency. It saves money, and it’s good for the environment. We put a lot of thought into making our home in Massachusetts energy efficient, and by the time we left our monthly utility bill had dropped 60% in the wintertime! Today, I’m sharing some of my favorite energy saving […]

use sports to teach math to kids!

Use Sports to Teach Math

Mike and I discovered last fall that our kids love sports games, and we have been taking the kids to games on Stanford’s campus every since. I’m doing my best to make up for the fact that when I was in college myself I spent all of my free time working part time jobs instead […]

Raising kids who get along

Raising Kids Who Get Along

One of my primary goals as a parent is raising kids who get along with one another. My three kids may all love crafts and creating, but they each have their own, distinct personality – and I’m certain that number four will be no different. And distinct personalities mean we get personality clashes! Thankfully, there […]

How to cope with sleep deprivation

Parenting: 20 Ways to Cope With Sleep Deprivation

Sleep deprivation is one area of parenting where I have a lot of experience. Nobody would call my kids “good” sleepers, and having three in under three and a half years probably doesn’t help. Advice for dealing with sleep deprivation is probably my most-asked-in-real-life question – mainly because everybody knows my kids don’t sleep! I […]

encouraging tummy time

Baby Play: Encouraging Tummy Time

Anna does not like tummy time. This is the face she gives me when we work on it – and I usually give in and pick her up. That’s the color her eyes really are, too. How am I supposed to resist? Five-year-old Johnny knows that Anna is supposed to be getting more tummy time, […]

Scrabble is a game that kids can enjoy long before they are old enough to play by the proper rules. Check out fun ways to adapt Scrabble for younger kids!

Scrabble for Younger Kids

  There are few board games that my kids enjoy long before they learn how to play using the proper rules, and Scrabble is one of them! The great thing about games like this is that they grow with your child – and they tend to remain interesting throughout adulthood, since the rules change as […]


Raising Imaginative Kids: Lily Writes a Story

Four-year-old Lily has always had an incredible imagination, developing complex plots for her characters. Most of the time, I catch snippets of conversations as she moves her little people or animals around, or as she and Emma and Johnny role play. She had scribbled in this notebook for weeks, but one day I realized that […]

Authentic experiences encourage learning - and it doesn't always take much to create an authentic educational experience!

Authentic Experiences Encourage Learning

I don’t write about it much on this blog, but in one of my pre-kid lives I taught French. I had lofty plans of raising bilingual French-English speaking children, but have, thus far, fallen short of that goal. Authentic experiences encourage learning, and I was struggling to create authentic French language experiences for my kids. […]