playing dreidel

Playing Dreidel

There is a pretty large Jewish population at my kids’ school, and both first grader Johnny and kindergartener Lily’s classes learned how to play Dreidel on the 16th – the first day of Hanukkah this year. Third grader Emma was upset to miss out (her class may have played as well, but she had to […]

Christmas family time - setting up the tree

Christmas Family Time: Decorating the Tree

One of my earliest memories is of wrapping my hands around a Christmas tree light and admiring the way the light shone through the cracks between my fingers. Every year when we decorate our Christmas tree, I enjoy watching my kids enjoy this same phenomenon of light captured in their hands. Christmas is my favorite […]

stay curious. learn a new skill

Stay Curious. Keep Learning!

I am a huge fan of lifelong learning, and one of the things I love about blogging is that it gives me lots of opportunities to learn new things. Last week I got to go to a blogger event hosted by Sunset Magazine and We toured Sunset’s headquarters – such a cool work environment! […]

3D paper christmas tree holiday craft

3D Paper Christmas Tree Paper Craft Tutorial with Printable

I learned how to make this neat 3D paper Christmas tree from the mom of a girl in Lily’s kindergarten class. I had never seen anything like it! My friend makes them just by guessing the distances, but I found that hard to do the first few times, at leas, so I deconstructed it into […]

December goals

Setting Goals for a Meaningful Christmas Season

December starts tomorrow, and I met my November goal of getting all of my Christmas shopping done by the end of November! Still shopping? Check out my list of recommended gifts that encouraging learning and promote creativity for kids! Having my shopping done gives me a great start on setting goals for a meaningful Christmas […]


Family Walks: Let the Kids Lead

I have written before about how much we enjoy after dinner walks as a family, but family walks at any time of day are a wonderful chance to slow down and enjoy time together as a family! We recently decided to let the kids lead some of our family walks, and we find that it […]

Authentic experiences encourage learning - and it doesn't always take much to create an authentic educational experience!

Authentic Experiences Encourage Learning

I don’t write about it much on this blog, but in one of my pre-kid lives I taught French. I had lofty plans of raising bilingual French-English speaking children, but have, thus far, fallen short of that goal. Authentic experiences encourage learning, and I was struggling to create authentic French language experiences for my kids. […]

experimenting with gummy candy

Science for Littles: Experimenting with gummy candy

The grin on Johnny’s face may reflect some excitement over the experiment, but I think it has a lot more to do with the fact that he grabbed and gobbled my first comparison gummy worm immediately before I snapped this photo. This experiment is straight out of a science experiment book I picked up in […]

mess-free art for kids

Learning Laboratory: Mess-free art, improved!

This activity is a super-simple way to let your child finger paint without dealing with the mess! Take a plastic ziploc bag (freezer works best, since the plastic is stronger), and add paint or a similar colored substance. We have used paint, shampoo, hair gel – you name it, and we have probably tried it. […]


Kid-Friendly Smoothies {No Sugar Added}

With hot weather here, I love to make smoothies for lunch. They are a healthy treat, and a fun way to cool down – especially in homes like ours that don’t have any air conditioning! Today I’m sharing some of our favorite kid-friendly smoothie combinations, and I would love to hear yours in the comments, […]

visual science experiment for kids - fire and oxygen

Visual Science Experiment for Kids: Fire Needs Oxygen!

Did you know that this week is Fire Safety / Prevention Week? When Mike and I were first married, the couple across the hall from us lost everything in their apartment when they threw water on what should have been a small grease fire (thankfully they were okay, and the fire did not spread to […]