teaching kids empathy

Social and Emotional Intelligence: Teaching Kids Empathy

I find crafting to be an excellent way to spend time thinking, so I was excited to see Happy Heart Kid’s new crafty kits that focus on building social and emotional intelligence. We were sent their empathy kit to review, and my kids really enjoyed the activities that were included! Teaching kids empathy (and other […]

Sled dogs in Alaska

Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bears Activity for Kids

Jan Brett’s The Three Snow Bears is one of the books I wrapped up for our Christmas Book Advent Calendar, so I thought it would be fun to create an activity to go along with it. This book is special for me, because a lot of the drawings look like photos my grandfather (that’s him […]

decorating gingerbread houses with kids

Decorating Gingerbread Houses With Kids

We decorate gingerbread houses every year – sometimes we make a gingerbread house from scratch, but more often I buy a kit. I am particularly fond of IKEA’s kits – they come with the pieces of the house only, so you have to use your own candy and frosting. We used Halloween candy this year, […]

weather around the world

Weather Around the World

Weather is one of those universals that you can discuss with anyone. And when I saw this post at Deceptively Educational about studying weather in five US cities, I knew I had found the perfect way to tie geography and weather together for my kids! I wanted to make this weather around the world activity accessible […]


Raising Kids Who Think

One of my primary parenting goals is to raise children who can think for themselves – about how the world works, and about the choices they want to make and why they want to make those choices. Kids who can think for themselves are more resistant to peer pressure, have better impulse control, and are […]

top-rated charities

Make a Difference This Holiday Season: Top-Rated Charities

I love to focus the end of my year on giving, and so I thought it would be nice to write about some top-rated charities that get great reviews on Charity Watch that I think are worth donating to this holiday season! I tried to pick charities that do really interesting, useful, and necessary things, […]

Tips for road tripping with kids - and a review of Leavitt and Walton's "Road Tripping: a parent's guide to planning (& surviving) the annual car trip".

Road Tripping With Kids

I have written about tips for taking road tripping with kids before, but here are a few additional tips – and a giveaway for a fun book full of great ideas! Road trips are one of those things that get easier with practice, but there are simple things that make it easier from the beginning! […]

Brewed hot chocolate

Gourmet Brewed Hot Chocolate

Have you heard of brewed hot chocolate? It’s a lot like coffee, but you use roasted and ground cocoa beans instead of roasted and ground coffee beans. It’s a delicious treat for chocolate lovers, with the added bonus that this drink has four times as many antioxidants than coffee. It’s healthiest if you drink it […]

use sports to teach math to kids!

Use Sports to Teach Math

Mike and I discovered last fall that our kids love sports games, and we have been taking the kids to games on Stanford’s campus every since. I’m doing my best to make up for the fact that when I was in college myself I spent all of my free time working part time jobs instead […]

magic ghost balloon

Fun Halloween Activity for Kids: Self-Inflating Ghost Balloons!

My kids LOVED this fun science-based Halloween activity that we came up with! It’s very simple, too – all you need is a water bottle, balloon, Sharpie pen, vinegar, and baking soda! Draw a ghost face on the balloon, and fill it with about 1 Tablespoon of baking soda. Fill the water bottle with about […]