homemade pasta sauce recipe

Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipe and Photo Tutorial

Growing up, my mom made incredible pasta sauce! After a lot of trial and error, I’ve come up with a pasta sauce my family loves, all from fresh ingredients! Here’s a photo recipe, for anyone who wants to give a homemade pasta sauce recipe a try! Fresh tomatoes and fresh basil (below) are the two […]

learn letters and spelling

A Fun Way to Learn Letters and Spelling

My kids love using sand on trays to learn letters and spelling, and they recently discovered that chopsticks make excellent writing utensils! Eight-year-old Emma enjoys writing out her spelling words this way, while six-year-old Johnny and five-year-old Lily enjoy practicing their handwriting. Even two-year-old Anna enjoys practicing her fine motor skills with a chopstick in […]

great picture books for toddlers

Ten Great Picture Books for Toddlers

Toddlers loves books, but it can be hard to find books that are fun for parents to read over and over AND interesting for toddlers! Today I’m featuring ten great pictures books for toddlers that my family loves! Great Picture Books for Toddlers These ten books have kept my toddlers happy for hours on end […]

magic ghost balloon

Fun Halloween Activity for Kids: Self-Inflating Ghost Balloons!

My kids LOVED this fun science-based Halloween activity that we came up with! It’s very simple, too – all you need is a water bottle, balloon, Sharpie pen, vinegar, and baking soda! Draw a ghost face on the balloon, and fill it with about 1 Tablespoon of baking soda. Fill the water bottle with about […]


How to Cut a Watermelon!

My family LOVES watermelon – myself included! I was really pleased to discover an easy way to cut a watermelon a few years ago. I started off slicing it slightly differently (see this blog post on how to slice a watermelon in a way that yields pretty diamond-shaped pieces), but I prefer this (similar, but […]

mess-free art for kids

Learning Laboratory: Mess-free art, improved!

This activity is a super-simple way to let your child finger paint without dealing with the mess! Take a plastic ziploc bag (freezer works best, since the plastic is stronger), and add paint or a similar colored substance. We have used paint, shampoo, hair gel – you name it, and we have probably tried it. […]

moving: helping kids adjust to a new home

Moving: Helping Kids Adjust to a New Home

Moving to a new place is a big change! It is a lot of work, and exhausting both physically and emotionally. Here are a few tips for helping kids adjust to a new home. Tell them what to expect Tell your kids what they should expect each step of the way. When will the house […]

Favorite Mem Fox Stories

Our Favorite Books by Mem Fox

Mem Fox is this month’s author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids, so today I thought I would share our favorite books by this author! Links to the books are affiliate links – thank you for supporting this site! Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild! is a story that any parent of a toddler will […]

Raising kids who get along

Raising Kids Who Get Along

One of my primary goals as a parent is raising kids who get along with one another. My three kids may all love crafts and creating, but they each have their own, distinct personality – and I’m certain that number four will be no different. And distinct personalities mean we get personality clashes! Thankfully, there […]


Creative Fun for Kids: Design Your Dream House

My kids are all about designing dream houses lately – or, I should really say, dream mansions! My siblings and I used to do this as well, although our goal was to build houses that were 100 stories high. My kids are content with sprawling mansions, but they put everything you could possibly need inside […]