Packing Paper!

Playing with packing supplies

I let the kids go to town with the most recent box’s packing paper. First they wrapped themselves up in it.

Emma models her runway-ready packing paper outfit

Emma managed to produce some high fashion runway-ready outfits. Don’t you think this belongs on a catwalk in Paris, Milan, or New York?

Lily plays with packing paper

I’m pretty sure Lily started the grand finale: tearing all the paper into little tiny bits. They said they were making a dinosaur. I never could tell what made it a dinosaur, but they had a blast!

Cost-benefit analysis:

  • Prep: Handing over the paper
  • Initial entertainment: 45 minutes
  • Clean-up: 15 minutes with the kids helping
  • Cost: Free!
  • Lasting value: Sibling bonding, happy faces, and creative play


  1. says

    Oh, Emma’s fashion pic is adorable! Lily in that last picture is funny. She looks like she is having a blast! She looks like such a fun baby Mary Anne.

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