Kid Quotes

Lily, entertained by her brother and sister

Emma, filling out a junk mail form:
Phone number: [writes our phone number]
Best time to call: NEVER

Mike, explaining bedtime from a night when he put all three kids to bed on his own:
Well, first we were talking about black widows and brown recluse spiders, but the kids thought that was too scary. So I told them about less-scary spiders, but they said, "Dad, this isn’t helping." So we talked about butterflies and they fell asleep.

Driving home from school:
Johnny: Emma, I think the girls in your class are all so pretty! But just the girls.
Emma: Maybe because the girls have fancier clothes than the boys.
Johnny: Yeah. The girls do look so fancy! But the girls are just so pretty!

Reflecting at bedtime:
Emma: I think sometimes when you be too fancy, you look kind of funny. Like the stepsisters in Cinderella.


    • maryanne says

      We’re having a girl! Do you know?

      This pregnancy is my best yet, so far! It’s been nice feeling better this time round!!!

  1. Lori Chevalier says

    When my middle son was about 6 weeks old we were visiting at my sister’s home and I had laid him on his blanket on the living room floor next to where I was sitting. We adults were chatting and my nephew, 4 years old at the time, laid down beside my son to look at and talk to him. A few moments later, I noticed my nephew had his toe in my son’s mouth and my son was sucking away on his toe! I frantically said, “Oh no honey, we can’t put toes in the baby’s mouth!” My nephew immediately removed his toe and said, “Yeah, cause the baby will get slobber all over me, right?” LOL

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