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how we met

Fifteen years ago this fall, I was walking to the first night of freshman orientation at my alma mater. Walking by yourself is boring, so I turned around to find someone to meet. Mike was about 10 feet behind me, with a cheerful smile, so I said hi! We had fun chatting on our way to the auditorium, and hung out together for most of the night. And that may have been the end, but we had been assigned to the same dorm, so we ran into each other again at breakfast, and again at the next orientation activity. Mike had spent summers on campus, so he offered to show me around. We never did run out of things to talk about, and the rest is history – maybe I’ll let Mike tell his much more detailed (and somewhat exaggerated but highly entertaining) version this September. :)

There’s a funny twist to this story. Dorm staff at our alma mater are required to recognize ALL incoming freshmen (for that dorm) by sight – when they arrive on campus. They get your picture in advance, along with some other info about your family and interests. Since memorization can get boring, they like to spice it up with games, including matchmaking bets. One staff member placed a bet that Mike and I would get together – and, from what I hear, made some nice income off that bet. The one thing we had in common based on the information we sent in? We were both biology nerds in high school!


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  1. Jodie says

    My husband was a barista in a local coffee shop when I met him. It was summer, and I had just finished my first year of college. He gave me the sweetest smile, a small coffee, and his number written on the back of a reciept. I had been going to this coffee shop almost every day for a year, and he had been working there for a year, but this is the first time we had met. I was a free-spririted urban bohemian, and he was a hard-working Banana Republic coffee slinger…so I tossed his number in the trash. I went back the next day and the next and he was persistent. We were in love within a few weeks. I was 20 when we married, just 11 months after we met. It has now been 8 1/2 years and we have 2 adorable boys!

  2. says

    I met my husband singing on the worship team at our church. :)
    We were friends for many years before dating. He is the best thing in my life on earth.

  3. Kat says

    My hubs and I fell in love before we were ever in the same room with one another! While working in a Long Term Care facility, I met a bubbly CNA who would regale us with stories of the amusing things her British husband would say. Being an Anglophile with a Jane Austen bent, I asked if he had any brothers! (How un-jane austeny, I know.) He didn’t have any brothers, but he did have a wonderful single friend. They exchanged our emails. This sufficed for awhile, then we moved on to phone calls, and then the 4 hour Skype sessions and then our first meeting 6 months later at Newark International Airport…so romantic. Going on 3 years, blessed with an amazing little boy, and I’m thankful every day I was a pushy weirdo so many moons ago… Here’s to taking chances!

  4. Linda W. says

    My hubby and I met when we were assigned to sing a duet in a musical review fundraiser for our University’s Fine Arts Department. At first, I didn’t know if I was going weak in the knees because of his singing voice, or because if HIM. :) Almost 20 years since we met, and 4 kids later, I still go weak in the knees for him. “All I Ask of You” from Phantom of the Opera and Michigan Tech will always hold a special place in our hearts because they are what brought us together.

  5. Dusti says

    My love and I met on a chat website. Chatted via website for a month, exchanged phone numbers, text for a couple weeks and eventually talked for hours on end on the phone. We lived 30 miles from eachother, so we decided to meet in person. Love at first sight. Almost 5 years later and two adorable little boys who are our world, i believe in fate! :)

  6. says

    I love your story — and the bet. I am inspired to write ours, now. I have actually written a little about it on the blog way back. For the contest, do I write a blog post and share that url or a FB post and share that. I am a little confused about it. Anyway, Ramon and I met while studying abroad in Egypt — he from UMass-Amherst and me from Sarah Lawrence and I swear that if we had attended the same college in the US, we would have never met, but being in Egypt shifted the dynamics and made it perfect! We ended spending Christmas together in Bethlehem and ringing in the New Year together (for the year 2000) at the Giza Pyramids where there was a special light show and performance of Aida, written specifically for the occasion, in which Egypt marketed that the rest of us might be celebrating 2000 years, but Egypt was celebrating 7000 (or something like that).

    • says

      What a cool story! There’s a facebook app you can use, Jen – the link is in my post or you can click on the picture of the Windows phone and it will take you to it. You should be able to click on your profile and Ramon’s and it can pull a story together for the two of you. Or you could do it with someone else (doesn’t have to be spouse – I will also clarify that in my post.)

  7. Kristen says

    I met my husband long long ago in jr high. We had the same friends, dated each others friends, did our own thing crossing paths on and off for 5 years.
    I re-met my husband when he walked into a friends apartment to stay while he got on his feet after a run of bad luck. I saw him through the kitchen cut-out and it was love at first (millionth) sight.
    I’m just glad it finally clicked.

  8. says

    Love your story and the picture of you guys!!! :)

    My husband and I met at the first Christian Campus Fellowship meeting I attended my first week at uni. He was the vice president and it was his job to get my phone number. :) It was a while before we started dating, and his roommate had a part to play in that. Good memories!! :)

  9. says

    Jeff and I actually have different stories of how we met. According to him we met in Sunday School. I remember meeting at the church swing dance.

  10. Jason Roebuck says

    I met my wife Catherine when I was out of state for school. We lived in the same apartment complex, and I’d stop in to invite her out whenever I walked by her apartment! :) We’ve been married almost 3 years now and have 2 little kids!

  11. Brooke Murphy says

    I had friend in college who relocated across the country to Portland Oregon around the same time I did. When he met his fiance, I loved her right away and we became great friends. They had a destination wedding in Lake Tahoe. My husband is my friends cousin and I met him at the wedding, along with his entire extended family. He happened to live in Portland too, and we aren’t sure how we managed to avoid each other there. We might have gone to the some of the same gatherings but arrived and left at different times. Anyway, it has been fun to be a part of my friends family and our kids are cousins and are growing up together. : )

  12. says

    What a nice topic! My husband and I met at a bar, believe it or not! We also met twice. The first time, we sort of said hello and what not, got the basic info, hit it off. The problem was that the people he came (not his friends, but friends of friends) were irritating my friends, who were eager to get out of there. There wasn’t enough time to exchange contact info, and as I didn’t want to tell my friends about the cute guy I wanted to keep hanging out with, kept my thoughts to myself and said, Well I guess that’s just how it is.

    The next week, we went to the same bar, and this time we made sure to exchange our contact info and spent the rest of the evening talking to each other until the place closed down, and even ate at a restaurant to keep the convo going. Truly happy that we both went back to the same place again :)

  13. says

    My husband and I were neighbors when we were in our 20s. He asked me out for 2 years and I said no every time (except the last ;)) I will always be so grateful that he didn’t give up on me. What a silly girl I was to risk losing such an awesome catch.

  14. says

    Super cute story and pic. John and I also met freshmen year at our university. The first semester, I knew who he was because he was singled out in physics after the first exam for getting 100% (I on the other hand got 40%). I leaned over to my friend and jokingly said that that guy is a nerd. While studying for other tests, I saw John on the same floor as most of my other friends. He had longish hair and was very quiet and mysterious (he wouldn’t talk but had a light in his eye). During the first day of second semester physics lab, we were supposed to make groups of 4. My labmate from first semester wanted to group with her high school friend, who happened to be sitting next to John. I was ok with that, figuring that he’d pull his own weight. That class really introduced us, and we became really close friends (he started talking). Finally, 2 years later, we started dating. We’re still pretty competitive when it comes to who is nerdier.

  15. Jamie Reimer says

    I met my husband freshman year at cross country practice when he was a junior. My sophomore year I had an enormous crush on him, but he was dating someone else. She was in college, so I hung out with him whenever I could still :) he then graduated and I moved on. My senior year, he was home for graduation parties, and single, and we started hanging out again…. And that’s how we finally ended up together.

  16. Anje in SC says

    He’s a college softball coach. My sister played for the team before he took over as head coach. She asked that he take me out when I came into town, to help me get out of a funk I had been… a major break up with Mr. Not So Right… He agreed, we had a perfect date and planned to see each other at the game the following got rained out :( but he found a reason to come over to my sisters apartment to “check curfew”…and me out :) We exchanged numbers, started dating and got married two years later. Oh, and he’s still a coach, he just doesn’t date payers sisters – teehee

  17. says

    My husband and I met, and he moved shortly after to the other end of our state. We were best friends for years. We talked on the phone all the time, watched each other date the wrong person, and so on. The timing was just right one day and out of the blue and he flew to visit me. I ended up moving back to his city within a week and we have been happily married for well over a decade now.

  18. says

    O.K., it’s kinda embarrassing but here goes. We met when we were in high school, I was a sophomore and he was a senior (we were at different schools). The embarrassing part is that I was working at McDonald’s at the time. He came in with his friends and came to my register. We talked, flirted, goofed around and he agreed to give me a ride home. He came to my house the next day and we hung out for a bit and I thought cool, this older guy is cute and kinda into me. Well, he totally surprised me with an amazing kiss and I will never forget it! 20+ years later he can still kiss me like that! Swoon!!

  19. says

    That was fun too read : )

    I met my husband at a work Christmas party almost 20 years ago! There was a group of coworkers that has a band that played that night and they needed a bass player so he played with them. He also sang. I went up after and complimented him on his singing and we started talking and like you never ran out of things to talk about : )

  20. Tammy Greene says

    Husband and I met in the 7th grade while at school one day. We had a mutual friend introduce us and we have been best friends since.

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