Gardening With Kids: Planting Tomatoes

tomato plants

It’s too cold to plant outside in Massachusetts, but yesterday we got a start on our gardening by planting some tomato plants. I hope the kids gather fresh flowers to decorate their box of plants every day!

Gathering Spring flowers

It always amazes me that tiny seeds can grow to be tall tomato plants!

tomato seeds

And Johnny’s love of the outdoors always thrills me! This boy loves nature!

Grateful to be outside!

If all goes well, these plants will be growing well by Earth Day, April 22nd! Do you have special plans to celebrate?



  1. says

    I’d love to see the tomato plants – all grown up and tall – by April 22! :-)
    We have many more small projects coming up including lots of nature walks.
    We went for one yesterday early morning and came back absolutely recharged!

  2. says

    We started our tomato plants recently too. I forget how much fun the kids have planting seeds and when the first one sprouted it was really exciting news at our house.

    • maryanne says

      We should have started ours a couple weeks ago – better late than never, hopefully! It is fun how excited they get!

  3. says

    We also plan to plant more things before Earth Day. I am looking forward to better weather – it’s been surprisingly rainy, windy and cold here lately.

  4. says

    We haven’t tried tomatoes from seeds yet. We haven’t had too much luck the last three year with our not-so-sunny garden spot behind our carport (biggest yield = 3 beefy tomatoes). We’re trying hanging and potted plants this year for our small apartment space. J got so excited about his sunflowers (his new “pets”). They sprouted within 2 days of planting and are doing really well for an almost three year old taking responsibility for them. It’s so fun to see their excitement about growing something.

    • maryanne says

      Maine is so beautiful!!!

      I meant to plant peas today, but spent too long clearing out our flower bed. Hopefully tomorrow! Garden fresh sugar snap peas are my favorite!

  5. says

    I don’t have Earth Day plans yet, but I am doing a plant unit this week! We are planting Tickleme plants! If your kids love plants, you should think about planting these. Have you ever heard of them?

  6. says

    My kids are all over me to plant a garden…I am horrible at getting a garden to survive..but I think we will attempt a small one…and some flowers!

  7. Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky says

    I really must try some planting with my girl, we got the weeding done on the weekend, that was a start :)

    • maryanne says

      Snow in April in the UK?! Freezing temperatures are still very common here, so our tomato seeds have to live inside. I am hoping to try some peas (which, I believe, are supposed to be quite hardy?) outside – this afternoon or tomorrow!

  8. says

    We leave our tomato planting up to my dad. He gets them started and then he brings one tomato plant up and plants it in a large container on our side deck. He even sets up the cage for it to vine. All I have to do is walk outside and pick ;)

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