Fun Science: Candy Experiments

melting candy in the name of science

Easter typically involves candy, and we got some science experiment mileage out of it by seeing what we could do with our candy other  than eat it! First, we microwaved jelly beans and gummy bears. The jelly beans (above) developed an interesting stringy texture (photo above), while the gummy bears melted quickly into a shapeless, jello-type glob:

melting gummy bears in the name of science

Then the kids, of course, wanted to repeat our growing gummy candy experiment! They decided to see if stirring the gummy bears would speed up the process:

growing gummy bears in water overnight

It didn’t seem to make any difference, apart from making the bears a little worse for the wear and tear (Lily’s wound up disintegrating, possibly due to fork-inflicted wounds). But there was a beautifully dramatic difference the next morning:

normal gummy bear and one that has sat in water overnight

We didn’t have any Peeps in the house to experiment with, but they are highly entertaining science material – just check out this fabulous series of Peep Experiments at Mom to 2 Posh Lil Divas.

Want to combine candy and math? Here’s a simple statistics experiment that will stump most adults!

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  1. says

    What a great way to use up the Easter candy without eating it! Thankfully Joshua moved up to the status of hiding eggs this year for the little ones so we didn’t have near as much candy as we’ve had in the past.

  2. Kylie @ Octavia and Vicky says

    Hello again :) Thanks for visiting my little blog, I’m so glad you did because I forgot to subscribe to yours yesterday and then I couldn’t remember where I found it! Crazy interweb.
    FYI I tried to follow your twitter but the little button on the top right doesn’t seem to have a link.

    • maryanne says

      Any gummy candy will work – they expand as they absorb the water slowly through osmosis. It’s probably my kids’ favorite science experiment!

  3. says

    We love candy experiments, too. One of my favorites at Easter is just dropping candy into a bowl of water, because so much Easter candy floats (Peeps, marshmallow eggs, Whopper eggs, etc.) I’ll have to try microwaving gummy bears, that looks fun.

  4. David Kim says

    Soaking the gummy bears in water has the sugar dissolving out leaving a bland tasteless gelatin behind. So don’t eat it…OR, let them eat it and they learn!! :)


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