Fun Christmas Craft: Family Handprint Christmas Tree

Family Handprint Christmas Tree

We always up our Christmas tree up right after Thanksgiving, so today seemed a fitting time to share this fun family handprint (and foot print, actually, if you have a child small enough) Christmas tree. It’s a craft we have made every year – here’s our first go at it!

family print tree supplies

Building the tree is super simple: trace everyone’s hands (we just did the kids, this year), plus baby’s foot for the trunk of the tree. Add a star on top, and any other decorations you like (dot stickers make great tree ornaments that kids can easily put on). You can watch me build ours in this video from my live Google+ hangout last week!

You can also cut these out of felt to make a fun Christmas tree scene your child can build over and over – or applique the hands onto fabric for a more polished look.

Are you listening to Christmas music yet? We started playing it on Tuesday or Wednesday!


  1. Tara says

    YES! We are listening to Christmas music! I especially enjoy a CD by popular Dutch violinist André Rieu (only instrumental)! Also the MoTab selection is quite good, esp. the one with the brass ensemble.

    For FHE tonight I wanted to start a Christmas service paper chain – one chain for every kind deed – but now that I’ve seen your idea, I am changing it last minute to a growing handprint service Christmas tree! Thanks, Mary Anne! Happy holiday peace and activities!!!

    P:s.: fUNNY, last year we did the fan-/footprint turkey for the first time and repeated it this year when I did a Thanksgiving English lesson in Quinn’s class. The kids loved it – only Q was bored by doing the same craft again but she got to help her classmates. :)

  2. says

    Love how all the hands make such a beautiful tree! I was shocked when Jeremy put Christmas music on the iPod on our drive to Texas before Thanksgiving. So yes, it’s definitely been playing!

  3. says

    Thanks so much for adding your awesome tree to our roundUP over at PreK+K Sharing. I know it will be an idea that is replicated. Simple is a VERY good thing. This is such a sweet idea.


  4. Nichole says

    This is really cute idea. My daughter is already 7. I feel like I don’t do enough crafts. (I’m not very crafty) Should I start this now? I would like to make memories for her!

  5. says

    This is a great idea. I like your suggestion for felt hands. If they were dated each year, kept and added to, the tree could grow with the children and you would have a wonderful record of the growth of their growth through the changing size of their hands.
    I make a similar tree with my class each year. I have blogged about it in my post”10 reasons for including Christmas in the classroom”

  6. says

    Thank you. We have always loved it too! I’m thinking of trying your smaller family tree with my grandchildren this week.I’ll see how it goes. They are 4 and 2. Should be fun!


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