Five Years Old!


Five years ago today, I got to hold Johnny for the first time! He wasn’t so sure being born was a good idea, and by the time he showed up he looked and acted about a month old. I wound up with a broken tailbone (fractured, then broken when I unintelligently tried to carry both kids at once about a week later).  But one look into those soulfull eyes and it was all worth it!


Johnny has always had a sense of adventure. You don’t see this high chair around on my blog any more, because it’s been banished ever since Johnny mastered the art of climbing up the side and standing on the tray, where he would proudly announce, “Dah!” at around 10 months old. I spent the next three months trying to make sure he wouldn’t climb it, and finally put it away in our shed when the snow melted enough.


Johnny adores music, and he has some talent. He would probably be a violinist (or pianist) by now if I were better at helping him. He’s the little kid who holds every note longer and sings louder (in tune!) than anyone else.


Johnny is very charming, and he loves to make people laugh. He will do just about anything to get somebody to laugh.


He adores his sisters. Lily is his partner in play – often mischievous play.


Anna is Johnny’s princess. He absolutely adores her, and makes page after page of artwork for her – especially in black and white, since I told him that babies like black and white.


Johnny loves Emma. He helps her come up with spelling sentences every week for school, and if he notices that she likes a toy he has or candy he is eating he will give it to her – without her asking.


Happy Birthday, Johnny! I’m so glad I get to be your mom!!!


  1. Y says

    Wishing Johnny a wonderful birthday — my goodness, he’s growing up fast!! He sounds like such a lovely and caring guy. He must take after his parents. :)

    P.S. Didn’t know that he and B share the same birthday. Cool!

  2. says

    Happy Birthday Johnny! I love the picture of mischievous play and I love that he helps his sister come up with sentences! What a good brother!

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