Five Fabulous Bloggers

For today’s post I am highlighting five of my all-time favorite bloggers!

fairy one fairy two fairy three

Fairies sewn using the ikatbag Toadstool House/Fairies pattern

Friendships are one of the the things I value most in blogland, and these five ladies are each very talented and engaging blog friends!

  • 4 Crazy Kings: Mama King is a former art teacher, and it shows in the many creative crafts she does with her kids! I especially love the butterfly she and her kids made for the Holocaust Museum, and her Model Magic crafts.
  • blissful-e: I love seeing the adventures of Elisa’s three (with a fourth on the way!) children as they enjoy life in Australia. Elisa shares insights into parenting “peacefully, sustainably, and joyfully”; insights which are all the more salient to my life since her three kids are roughly the same age as my three. She has a way with words that I admire, and her Kiddo Quotes are among my all-time favorite blog posts!
  • ikatbag: LiEr is the maker of amazing fabric, foam, and cardboard creations, and she shares her genius generously through patterns and tutorials. I’m still hoping to tackle her drafting series some day, but at the moment I’m looking through her various birthday party posts in preparation for Emma’s fifth birthday party next month!
  • Mouse Grows, Mouse Learns: Natalie is always doing fun and educational afterschool learning activities with her daughter, and I enjoy reading about the different experiments and projects they try and how her daughter reacts. Natalie’s weekly reading linky is a favorite feature on her blog for me, especially since it’s how I have found many of our favorite library books!
  • Our Homeschool Fun: Susana is such a fun and dedicated mom! Last week, for example, her kids got to make footprint penguins, experimented with calf liver and hydrogen peroxide, and started learning to sew! Susana always seems super organized, which is all the more impressive since she homeschools all four of her children.

I had such a hard time narrowing this post down to five bloggers! Thank you to ALL the ladies I’ve met through blogging – your comments always make me smile, and I love the ideas, inspiration, and humor I get from each and every one of you!


  1. says

    MaryAnne, thank you for letting me make your list! What wonderful company to be in! And what an honor to be your friend – thank you! (said that already, but am at a loss for words – can you tell?) :)

  2. DeniseAngela says

    What a great list! Thanks for your sweet comment on my blog – I’m glad there is someone else that ruffles the way I do!!

  3. says

    Oh Mary Anne! Thank you so much for including me in this list. I am humbled, really. I look up to you so much and think of you as such an amazing mother and person in general, so for you to say the things above about me that you did, it means so much. You are such a great friend I’ve met through blogging as well. You inspire me to be a better person, and I mean that!

  4. says

    I can not believe I MISSED this post! Thank you, thank you, thank you! I was scrolling down looking for one of your post about bringing icicles inside and I saw this. I wanted to link to your blog post and what do I find… Mary Anne, I am always inspired by your blog and all of the wonderful learning and fun that goes on at your house! Thanks for making me smile :-) By the way, I always love reading your kids quotes.

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