February is Heart Health Month!

heart health - go red for women

This was my favorite of the many valentines my kids brought home from school yesterday, and a great reminder that February is heart health month! Heart health a topic I already touched on earlier this month. My dad had a heart attack in 2006 (he recovered, thankfully!), and heart disease runs in my family.

Luckily, there is a lot you can do to prevent heart disease! Eating well is key, and oatmeal is a heart-healthy food – one that my kids happen to like, too! Drinking green smoothies (or “ice cream”) is another favorite way to get heart-friendly vegetables into my kids’ diets. We add pumpkin puree to our brownies and pancakes – and spinach to our lasagna. We are always looking for fun ways to get outdoors and spend time being active as a familygeocaching was our favorite new activity for 2012. What do you think we should try in 2013?

What are your favorite ways to promote heart healthy living? Are you going red for women’s heart health this month?


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    We eat a lot of oatmeal around here, I buy whole groats and roll my own, I just think it tastes better that way, and healthier.

    That card kills me, I love seeing what little kids make, so adorable!

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    We eat oatmeal every morning, it’s in fact one of the few things Anna is ready to eat several times a day :) We also try to stay active and spend a lot of time outside. I am definitely looking forward to longer and warmer days :)

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      I’m looking forward to warmer days, but they’re a ways off for us. We have another winter storm headed our way, although not as big as our previous one!

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    We eat oatmeal almost every day, but I think a healthy heart takes a whole lifestyle approach. I don’t shy away from treats and sweets so long as our overall lifestyle is healthy. This includes being out and about, eating whole food instead of packaged food, sleeping well, etc.

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    I love that valentine! I try to add vegetables to everything I can. I put spinach into meatballs and burgers and I cook grated and sautéed carrots into tomato sauce instead of sweetening it with sugar. I do need to exercise more though – one of my goals for this year.

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    Oats are a great way to reduce cholesterol! I am trying to eat more oatmeal with my kids who like oats and for those who don’t (my husband), I am stocking the pantry with plain cheerios. Good to remember these heart healthy tips! Thanks MaryAnne!

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