Crayon Shaving Decorated Easter Eggs!

Most of our planned Easter activities this weekend were cancelled, first by rain (Saturday) and then by both kids coming down with a stomach bug (Saturday night and all day Sunday). Luckily everyone seems to feel a bit better this morning, although I wouldn’t say either child is completely healthy. The one activity the kids did enjoy was coloring Easter Eggs. We skipped on messy food dye, although you can dye these eggs as well, and instead used crayons.

First, they melted crayon  shavings on hot, freshly-boiled eggs.


  • Freshly boiled eggs (still hot)
  • crayon shavings
  • plastic wrap or wax paper or parchment paper


Lay the crayon shavings out on the plastic wrap/wax paper/parchment paper.

20090412_0407 Roll the eggs around in the crayon shavings. Depending how hot the eggs are, you might want to use a spoon or other utensil to do this. The crayon will melt onto the hot eggs.


Move the eggs onto a sheet of paper to dry, and then transfer them into the fridge.


More hardboiled eggs were cooling in the fridge, so when the melting activity was finished Mike pulled the cooled eggs out so the kids could draw on them with crayons.


They had a wonderful time decorating their eggs.


And they were immensely pleased with the end result. I don’t have a good picture of these because the kids’ crayon lines were too faint to photograph with my camera, but I thought they were very pretty :)


  1. LiEr says

    Very nice idea, and non-messy too! Sorry to hear your little ones were sick! Ugh. It’s hard when the kids aren’t well. Hopefully YOU got some rest over the weekend, too.

  2. Sandi says

    the eggs look great! I wondered where you live because maybe something is going around. My 9 year old got a stomach bug on Easter day, about 10 minutes before company got here for dinner. =/ Made for a stressful easter.

  3. Kara says

    Oh no, the Massachusetts tummy bug got you too! Everyone I know has had it recently.

    The crayon shaving eggs are beautiful! I love that idea!

  4. Carebear says

    Oh no, sorry for a sick weekend. What a yucky way to spend Easter. Glad both are on the mend and you managed this super fun egg decorating trick! That is so cool. You must be the most fun mom ever – just full of cool ideas!

  5. Kitten Muffin says

    Hope you’re all feelin better. Sick kidletts is the pits. They look very happy with the eggs they decorated!

  6. Valerie says

    Wow! Those look great, and I hope the kiddos feel better soon. There seems to be a bad stomach bug going around lately. Glad to see they liked coloring their eggs!


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