Caterpillar to Butterfly Craft and Recommended Books

The new butterfly made with paint, coffee filter, googly eyes, cotton balls, and a clothespin

Johnny goes to our town’s preschool. I’ve been very impressed, not only by the progress he has made, but also with the activities at his play-centered preschool.

This caterpillar to butterfly craft is my favorite of the many cute crafts he has brought home. To make it, you need:

  • three cotton balls
  • paint (they used tempera, I think)
  • one coffee filter
  • two googley eyes
  • one clothes pin
  • glue

First, glue the three cotton balls to the top of the clothes pin. Paint them green, and set aside. Take the coffee filter, draw on it with markers, and then spray with water. Let everything dry overnight. The next day, attach googley eyes. Now you have a little caterpillar! To turn your caterpillar into a butterfly, glue the now-dry coffee filter to the bottom of the clothes pin. Wrap the wings around the body of the butterfly, and slide it into an empty toilet paper roll.

toilet paper roll turned butterfly cocoon

You now have a butterfly inside its chrysalis, just waiting to make its entrance into the world!

butterfly emerging from its cocoon craft

Most of the crafting my kids do is open-ended, so I never know how their creations are going to turn out. But I love directed crafts like this one, that teach a hands-on lesson!

You can make this craft even more interactive by sliding the wings into the middle of the clothespin instead of gluing them on, so that you can change the butterfly back into a caterpillar and recreate the entire transformation.

Caterpillar and Butterfly Books for Kids

Here are some great caterpillar and butterfly books for kids that we love:

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Do you have a favorite spring learning craft?


  1. Valerie @ Frugal Family Fun Blog says

    What a great idea, and Johnny did a SUPER job!! Love the idea of recreating it over and over again too. :-)

  2. Min Bookworms says

    Such a lovely easy to do craft, I’ll be doing this one with my kiddies. Thanks so much for linking up with our Eric Carle month.

  3. says

    I found this via Katie’s caterpillar round up. These are so cool! I love when we use simple supplies. Very creative. My three year old will really enjoy doing this.

  4. says

    You are just so creative! Love the cocoon for the butterfly and can’t believe those are cotton balls. Thanks so much for linking up at Discover & Explore this week – I’ve pinned you to our feature board!

  5. Moira says

    I think I can do this with my first graders to go with our Reading lessons..We have life cycle and particularly butterfly ones they love! This is quick enough and will let them relay at home the cycle. Love that sweet stuff.


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