Five Reasons Drama is Great for Kids

One of the things I really love about my kids’ current school is the after school drama program. It’s a very low-key program that my kids love, and I see so many benefits! Five Reasons Drama is Great for Kids Self-expression A couple of my kids struggle with speaking loudly, and there is a reason […]

Fun Ways to Celebrate Pi Day with Kids!

Pi Day – a day set aside to celebrate the mathematical constant 3.1415 (etc.) is a fun day for math geeks like me. I also think that Pi Day is a wonderful opportunity to get kids thinking about ways in which math can be fun, so today I am sharing some fun ways to celebrate […]

Using BIG Paper to Unleash Creativity in Children

Using big sheets of paper is one of my favorite ways to get my kids thinking creatively, and a favorite rainy day activity for my kids! I buy large rolls of paper (like this, but we get ours from IKEA usually) and cut off large sections – around four feet long – for the kids […]

Creative Group Activity for Kids: Making Monsters

When I was planning Emma’s birthday party, I knew that I needed a creative group activity. My activity needed to be: Accessible to all of the kids attending from two-year-old Anna to Emma’s “sophisticated” nine-year-old friends Gender neutral – not something that would be perceived as either a “girl” or “boy” activity Easy to set […]

Emma’s Birthday Party Activities

My oldest daughter Emma turned nine years old this weekend, and we had a wonderful time celebrating her birthday on Saturday with family and friends! Emma’s party got a boost thanks to a Disney Side themed party pack we were sent by Disney Parks and MomSelect. It made it really easy to plan a fun […]