Call for Posts: Share Your Piece of the World

If my kids and I were visiting your piece of the world, what would you want to show us? I have openings in my world culture for kids series, and I really want to get specific – what can you share about your town, city, or culture that we won’t find on Wikipedia? What is your favorite thing about your culture? What do you love most about your town, state, or country?

Go here to see the list of posts that have been written for this series. Posts are divided into three categories: Posts about teaching world culture to kids and increasing global awareness, country, city, and state posts, and world religion posts. If there is enough interest, I am also considering creating a fourth world cultures section, where you can write about cultural traditions.

As you will see, there is a lot of variety, because what you write is very flexible! I do ask that you use only images that you own the copyright to (typically photos you or a family member took), and that you send images as an attachment so that I can load them onto my server so they do not get lost if something happens to wherever you have them hosted. The text of your post can be sent as a word document, and I would love for you to include a bio to go with your post so that my readers can get to know you better! The post may be similar to something that you have posted elsewhere, but please don’t make it identical since Google doesn’t like cloned content.

Interested in writing for this series? Email me at mamasmilesblog at gmail dot com to arrange for a date or if you have any questions. Please feel free also to leave questions in the comments section – if you have a question, I’m guessing other readers will as well!

What do you love about your part of the world?


  1. Helen M. Coe says

    I live in Alaska. When we moved here, my friends thought we were moving to another country and asked if we still used U.S. postage stamps to send mail. Most people think we live in igloos, hunt and live in the wilds of nowhere! Some of Alaska, of course, is like that, however, we do have our cities, culture, the Itidarod and a very special spirit. I didn’t see Alaska listed on your list of ones you’ve already received,but wasn’t sure. Didn’t want to overstep if someone else is doing one. Would you like more info about Alaska?

    • says

      I would love a post from you about Alaska! Here are some basic guidelines:

      – Aim for 300-500 words, although if you really need to you can write more like 700 – just let me know.
      – Use only photos you own copyright to. You can put your watermark on photos, if you like.
      – Send the post text as a word document (or in the body of the email), and photos as attachments, sized to be at least 700 pixels wide.
      – Please include a brief bio so my readers can get to know you a bit.
      – Make it fun! The idea is to get kids thinking about how neat the diversity of this world is!

      Does this sound all right? Let me know if you have any questions!


  2. says

    My husband and I are packing our backpacks and heading out exploring this fall. We are going to Iceland, Dubrovnik, Prague, Turkey and South Africa. I am planning on doing a Flat Pete project (like Flat Stanley, but with a photo of my class’ Pete the Cat stuffy) with my kindergarten class. I would love to participate in your World Culture for Kids series.

    • says

      I would LOVE to have you participate! Here are some details:

      For the series, please use only photos that you own the copyright to (typically photos that you or a family member took and gave you permission to use). You can send me the text as an email or word document with the photos (at least 700 pixels wide, if possible) attached.

      How and what you write is up to you, provided it is something that a child would find interesting, or that a parent would enjoy reading together with a child. I would also love for you to include a brief bio so that readers can get to know you a bit.

      Please email me if you have any questions. I hope you can contribute a post (or more). Thanks!

    • says

      Costco! I’ve seen it for sale at least one other time since then; unfortunately our map was left behind when we moved and I don’t remember who made it…

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