raising children - have you said yes today?

Raising Children: Have you said yes today?

A few months ago, Anna started getting upset when her older siblings pulled out their DIY doll houses to play with. Anna had her own set of peg dolls, and the kids were happy to share their houses with her, but she did not like that idea much! We were able to find the same […]

Beautiful Rainbow World

Appreciating Diversity: Beautiful Rainbow World

The world is an incredible place, and I would love to travel it with my four kids. I know that living outside of the United States helped me develop a deeper appreciation for diversity. Mike’s job isn’t one that is likely to lead to us living in foreign countries, and our budget doesn’t have a […]

Brewed hot chocolate

Gourmet Brewed Hot Chocolate

Have you heard of brewed hot chocolate? It’s a lot like coffee, but you use roasted and ground cocoa beans instead of roasted and ground coffee beans. It’s a delicious treat for chocolate lovers, with the added bonus that this drink has four times as many antioxidants than coffee. It’s healthiest if you drink it […]


Children Need Free Time

As parents, it is easy to worry about providing children with resources, but free time is the best possible resource you can provide for your child – and it is free! Children need free time to explore their world, develop ideas, and understand things that they observe. Giving kids free time is a wonderful way […]

Teaching Kids Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence was one of the most influential books I read in college – I still have my marked-up copy from 2001! In the book, Goleman explains why emotional intelligence can matter more than IQ. Here are a few things I do to help my kids develop emotional intelligence: Free play: I try […]

encouraging tummy time

Baby Play: Encouraging Tummy Time

Anna does not like tummy time. This is the face she gives me when we work on it – and I usually give in and pick her up. That’s the color her eyes really are, too. How am I supposed to resist? Five-year-old Johnny knows that Anna is supposed to be getting more tummy time, […]

candy experiments

Fun Science: Candy Experiments

Easter typically involves candy, and we got some science experiment mileage out of it by seeing what we could do with our candy other  than eat it! First, we microwaved jelly beans and gummy bears. The jelly beans (above) developed an interesting stringy texture (photo above), while the gummy bears melted quickly into a shapeless, […]

Favorite Mem Fox Stories

Our Favorite Books by Mem Fox

Mem Fox is this month’s author for the Virtual Book Club for Kids, so today I thought I would share our favorite books by this author! Links to the books are affiliate links – thank you for supporting this site! Harriet, You’ll Drive Me Wild! is a story that any parent of a toddler will […]


Easy to Sew Messenger Bag Sewing Tutorial

Sometimes I use my blog to motivate me to try something I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t actually gotten to. This easy-to-sew messenger bag is exactly one of those instances! Jo-Ann sent me two yards of Waverly fabric to make something with to help spread the word about the Jo-Ann and Waverly Facebook contest!  […]

weather around the world

Weather Around the World

Weather is one of those universals that you can discuss with anyone. And when I saw this post at Deceptively Educational about studying weather in five US cities, I knew I had found the perfect way to tie geography and weather together for my kids! I wanted to make this weather around the world activity accessible […]