Brewed hot chocolate

Gourmet Brewed Hot Chocolate

Have you heard of brewed hot chocolate? It’s a lot like coffee, but you use roasted and ground cocoa beans instead of roasted and ground coffee beans. It’s a delicious treat for chocolate lovers, with the added bonus that this drink has four times as many antioxidants than coffee. It’s healthiest if you drink it […]

Kid quotes! Overheard moments and conversations that make me smile.

Kid Quotes: Overheard Moments and Conversations

Exuberance after setting up an elaborate play scape: Emma (8 years old): Ready, set, play! Eight-year-old Emma talking to six-year-old Johnny Emma: I’m going to check the mail and then we need to work out a plan to save the universe. Johnny: Why do we need to save the universe? Emma: Because the sun is […]

learning how to use a sewing machine

Sewing, Pretend Play and Down Time After School

Mike was out of town this week, so I scheduled extra down time after school to help the kids cope with missing him. They spent a lot of time playing with our Magna-Tiles*, usually together with the family counters you see above. It has been a lot of fun seeing their creations develop and their […]


Enjoying Newborn Parenting

Most parents-to-be dream of holding their newborn baby and looking after them – and most new parents find themselves more exhausted than they ever thought possible! I’ve learned the hard way that, if I’m not careful, those precious early weeks fly by in a sleep-deprived blur, so this time round I’ve worked hard to make […]


Easy to Sew Messenger Bag Sewing Tutorial

Sometimes I use my blog to motivate me to try something I’ve been wanting to do, but haven’t actually gotten to. This easy-to-sew messenger bag is exactly one of those instances! Jo-Ann sent me two yards of Waverly fabric to make something with to help spread the word about the Jo-Ann and Waverly Facebook contest!  […]


Saving Money: Teaching Kids Money Management

This post is part of a social shopper marketing insight campaign with Pollinate Media Group® and All You Magazine, but all my opinions are my own. #pmedia #lifeforless Teaching Kids Money Management Money management is an important life skill, but credit cards and online billing can make teaching kids to save money a bit […]

homemade pasta sauce recipe

Homemade Pasta Sauce Recipe and Photo Tutorial

Growing up, my mom made incredible pasta sauce! After a lot of trial and error, I’ve come up with a pasta sauce my family loves, all from fresh ingredients! Here’s a photo recipe, for anyone who wants to give a homemade pasta sauce recipe a try! Ingredients: 4 cups diced tomatoes 1 chopped onion 1 […]


Raising Imaginative Kids: Lily Writes a Story

Four-year-old Lily has always had an incredible imagination, developing complex plots for her characters. Most of the time, I catch snippets of conversations as she moves her little people or animals around, or as she and Emma and Johnny role play. She had scribbled in this notebook for weeks, but one day I realized that […]

growing salt crystals

Growing Salt Crystals

Do you recognize our salt crystals experiment from this post? It started off like this: We wound up with nicer crystals in the bowl where the water evaporated than on the sponge itself; I’m not sure why. We plan to grow sugar crystals next, as soon as I get organized. We’re growing mung bean sprouts […]

candy experiments

Fun Science: Candy Experiments

Easter typically involves candy, and we got some science experiment mileage out of it by seeing what we could do with our candy other  than eat it! First, we microwaved jelly beans and gummy bears. The jelly beans (above) developed an interesting stringy texture (photo above), while the gummy bears melted quickly into a shapeless, […]