yoga spinner game review

Yoga Spinner Game After School Fun

We were sent a yoga spinner game to review a few weeks ago, and my kids have really enjoyed using this game to get active, stretch out, and destress after school! The game is very simple: spin, select a card, and complete the pose. The cards are cleverly stored inside the spinner when not in […]

I am a huge fan of physical books, but technology can also help reluctant readers especially. Here is how I am encouraging literacy with the Amazon Kindle.

Encouraging Literacy with the Amazon Kindle

Books are important in our family! We have a pretty nice home library of physical books, and we borrow two or three dozen more from our public library every week. Seven-year-old Johnny is reading plenty well for chapter books, but he has mostly stuck to short books that he can read in one sitting, because […]

Drama helps kids develop empathy, focus, self-expression, and teamwork through safe risk taking. Learn all about these five reasons drama is great for kids!

Five Reasons Drama is Great for Kids

One of the things I really love about my kids’ current school is the after school drama program. It’s a very low-key program that my kids love, and I see so many benefits! Five Reasons Drama is Great for Kids Self-expression A couple of my kids struggle with speaking loudly, and there is a reason […]

Learning Laboratory: Preschool Art Show!

Johnny’s preschool teachers are AMAZING. Every time I visit his class, I am impressed. This year they put on a very fun art show, showcasing pieces the kids had created in the style of various artists – including painting upside down to imitate Michelangelo painting the Sistine Chapel! I knew, as soon as I walked […]

Restaurant play

I mentioned in my Play-doh play mat post that I thought it would be fun to make a restaurant play mat. I’m staying away from Play-Doh this week because, after a brief respite, Johnny is back to stuffing it into his mouth at an alarming rate. Then I saw these great colour and cut out […]

cheese sauce tutorial

Easy Homemade Mac n Cheese Sauce

Today I’m sharing a tutorial for making an easy cheese sauce that is perfect for homemade mac n cheese. Apart from grating the cheese (and you could buy pre-grated cheese) and gathering ingredients, I find this as easy as making boxed macaroni and cheese – and it tastes much better! You can even make it […]

straw weaving

Activities for Kids: Make a Straw Weaving Loom

Have you tried straw weaving? We learned how from my friend Katherine of One Inch World. It’s easy to make a straw weaving loom, and easy to weave on that loom! Straw weaving is a great relaxing activity for kids – a great way for kids to relax or decompress after school. Setting up the […]

This gluten free, Asian inspired broccoli cashew chicken rice recipe has been a hit with the entire family!

Gluten Free Broccoli Cashew Chicken Rice

I recently moved my family over to a gluten-free diet, and as a result we are making a lot of rice dishes! This gluten free, Asian inspired broccoli cashew chicken rice recipe has been a hit with the entire family! Gluten Free Broccoli Cashew Chicken Rice This recipe requires only six ingredients: Rice (we use […]


Raising Kids Who Get Along: Bringing Home a Younger Sibling

Most of what I know about raising kids who get along comes from my own parents, who successfully raised ten children spanning two decades – who all get along, down to enjoying goofy Google plus hangouts. Yesterday saw all ten of us, and my parents, on a G+ Hangout for the first time ever, along […]

crazy hair day fun with pipe cleaners

Easy and Fun Crazy Hair Day Do

Our pipe cleaner crazy hair day last year was such a success that both Emma and Lily opted for pipe cleaners for their crazy hair day dos this year. Both girls went for blue and white pipe cleaners this year, which was a little tamer than all the colors from last year. I divided their […]


Speech Delays and Speech Therapy Resources for Parents

Three of my four children have had speech delays that required speech therapy. My third child, Lily, was an early talker who uses words beautifully and clearly – until she is upset or stressed, when her typically articulate speech turns into an incomprehensible mumble. So speech is difficult for her as well, in a way. […]