low stress summer fun for kids

Low Stress Summer Fun for Kids

Thanks for sharing! Schools are starting to let out for the summer, and finding ways to keep kids buys during the early weeks of summer is particularly important! Today I am excited to work together with some of my other kids’ activities bloggers to bring you some fun summer ideas to enjoy with your kids […]

using puzzles to teach kids about the world

Using Puzzles to Teach Kids About the World

Thanks for sharing! My kids and I really enjoy doing puzzles together. Puzzles are great for teaching kids to patiently solve a problem, as well as to look for patterns. They are also a fun activity to work on while listening to a book on tape or a story being read aloud by someone else. […]

Highlights of Maker Faire 2015

Highlights of Maker Faire 2015

Thanks for sharing! I was lucky enough to get a media pass to the 2015 San Mateo Maker Faire this year! I went on my own, which the kid shave not quite forgiven me for yet, so I will try to find a way to bring them next year. They were somewhat placated by some […]

Summer Fun for Kids: Link Up Your Favorite Activities!

Thanks for sharing! School isn’t out quite yet for my kids, but we’re already making the most of warm weather, and we plan to have a lot of fun this summer! Here are a few favorite summer activities from our house: Visit local farmer’s markets Play in the sprinkler Catch bubbles Make sun-upcycled crayons Go […]

Introducing: Small Hands Creating Hope

Thanks for sharing! This May marks thirty years since I was diagnosed with cancer, and I wanted to do something special to mark the occasion. I am very grateful to live a full life with my husband and children! I also wanted to do something that would acknowledge those who continue to struggle with this […]

Super cute caterpillar to butterfly craft for kids, plus picture books we recommend for learning about caterpillars and butterflies.

Caterpillar to Butterfly Craft and Recommended Books

Thanks for sharing! Johnny goes to our town’s preschool. I’ve been very impressed, not only by the progress he has made, but also with the activities at his play-centered preschool. This caterpillar to butterfly craft is my favorite of the many cute crafts he has brought home. To make it, you need: three cotton balls […]


Enjoying Newborn Parenting

Thanks for sharing! Most parents-to-be dream of holding their newborn baby and looking after them – and most new parents find themselves more exhausted than they ever thought possible! I’ve learned the hard way that, if I’m not careful, those precious early weeks fly by in a sleep-deprived blur, so this time round I’ve worked […]

Sensory play: wall mosaic art

Sensory Wall Mosaic Art

Thanks for sharing! Following the huge success of our pattern blocks on contact paper play, I decided to try putting it all up on our wall. Emma helped me place several feet of contact paper, and the kids and I had a blast using pattern blocks to create mosaics on our dining room wall! The […]

kids and chores

Kids and Chores

Thanks for sharing! Do your kids have chores? My house is never as clean as I would like, and I’m working on getting closer to my ideal by getting my kids more involved with day-to-day cleaning. It’s more work for me in the short run, but will hopefully help in the long run – both […]

baking soda and vinegar sensory play for kids

Sensory play with baking soda and vinegar

Thanks for sharing! It has rained a lot here lately, and on one of those grey days Emma asked if she could play with vinegar and baking soda. Actually, she said vinegar and flour, but she mean baking soda (she wanted to see the fizz effect of mixing an acid and base). She was pretty […]


Banana Oatmeal Pancake Recipe

Thanks for sharing! These oatmeal banana pancakes are easy to make, have no added sugar, and my kids eat them ALL every single time I make them. The little dark marks on the pancakes in the photo are chocolate chips (which DOES add some sugar). The chocolate chips are not at all required but very […]