Painting with kids can be a hassle to set up and a mess to clean up, but it is worth the work!

Painting with Kids is Worth the Mess

Painting with kids can be a hassle to set up and a mess to clean up, but painting with kids is worth the mess! My kids have been doing a lot of painting lately. It’s a nice, calm activity that they enjoy outside of school, and it is a fun way for them to get […]

Children need playgrounds!

Children Need Playgrounds!

One of the greatest benefits I see for our kids in our move to California is that we spend a LOT of time on playgrounds. The Bay Area’s famous weather makes it easy for kids to play outside every single day without needing to bundle up. We are also spending a lot of time at […]

Rainy day fun for kids: Host a creative cotton swab challenge!

Rainy Day Fun for Kids: Q-tip Challenge

I feel a  little strange writing about rainy day activities for kids given that I don’t even remember when I last saw rain, but I know that a lot of my readers ARE getting rain (and, apparently, even SNOW!) so this seemed like a good time to pull this Q-tip challenge rainy day fun for […]

perfect hard-boiled eggs

Perfect Hard Boiled Eggs

This year I found my favorite hard boiled egg solution so far – and it’s simple! Put the eggs in a pan of cold water, bring to a rolling boil, remove from the burner, and let sit, covered for 15 minutes. Then (and this is important, if you want them to be easy to peel), […]


Creative Fun for Kids: Design Your Dream House

My kids are all about designing dream houses lately – or, I should really say, dream mansions! My siblings and I used to do this as well, although our goal was to build houses that were 100 stories high. My kids are content with sprawling mansions, but they put everything you could possibly need inside […]


Toddlers and Preschoolers: Learn by Painting

This week, 20-month-old Anna painted for the first time. My other kids all started to paint at younger ages, but this past year has been very busy with getting our house ready to sell, selling the house, packing, driving across the country, unpacking (on my own with four kids, since Mike was still in Massachusetts), […]


After School Fun for Kids: Classic Childhood Games

My kids have spent most of their free time this past week playing classic childhood games – tag, hide and go seek, digging in the sandbox, pretending they are at the beach by running around a local beach volleyball pit we like to visit when no adults are playing, and making all sorts of interesting […]

use sports to teach math to kids!

Use Sports to Teach Math

Mike and I discovered last fall that our kids love sports games, and we have been taking the kids to games on Stanford’s campus every since. I’m doing my best to make up for the fact that when I was in college myself I spent all of my free time working part time jobs instead […]

Scrabble is a game that kids can enjoy long before they are old enough to play by the proper rules. Check out fun ways to adapt Scrabble for younger kids!

Scrabble for Younger Kids

  There are few board games that my kids enjoy long before they learn how to play using the proper rules, and Scrabble is one of them! The great thing about games like this is that they grow with your child – and they tend to remain interesting throughout adulthood, since the rules change as […]

Teaching Kids Emotional Intelligence

Daniel Goleman’s Emotional Intelligence was one of the most influential books I read in college – I still have my marked-up copy from 2001! In the book, Goleman explains why emotional intelligence can matter more than IQ. Here are a few things I do to help my kids develop emotional intelligence: Free play: I try […]